Feb 22, 2023

MTH Parts & Sales will be receiving Protosound 3 Steam Upgrade kits (50-1911) in March of 2022!

We will also be receiving Protosound 3/2 Stacker Boards in both 5 Volt & 3 Volt variations. 

Protosound 3/2 Stacker 3V; AE10000353V

Protosound 3/2 Stacker 5V: AE10000355V

If you are interested in obtaining one or more of these upgrade kits (or the separate Stacker Boards) be sure to use the wish list option within the site. (Go to Search Service Parts, enter the part number, click search, when the part returns and it says “out of stock” simply click on “Add to Cart” a dialog box will appear for you to enter your email address and you will be notified via email when they return to stock.) 

In preparation for the arrival of these boards we have put together several documents to help everyone understand the application & uses for the Stacker Boards, how to program them, etc. You can find this document in our "Helpful Stuff" section titled “PROTOSOUND 3/2 STACKER EDUCTAION DOCUMENT”