One year ago, MTH Electric Trains announced the retirement of Mike Wolf. This past year has been challenging and hectic for us to say the least. There were discussions with various companies to purchase the entire stable of tooling, but those did not materialize. Recently, we announced that the HO and S gauge tools were purchased by Scale Trains and approximately 20% of the O gauge tooling was sold to other parties as well.

MTH Electric Trains will be moving from Columbia, Maryland to Elkridge, Maryland in June 2021.The new location will house a new, independent parts department ‐ MTH Parts & Sales LLC. This new company will have a new web-site and on-line ordering platform.

A few long-time employees of MTH will continue operate MTH and offer MTH products through 2021 and beyond. This smaller sales and marketing staff will share the Elkridge location. In addition, the MTH R&D division, located in Michigan, will continue to develop and build DCS and other electronic products.

Through our E-newsletter promotions, we have begun promoting new product to be delivered in the second half of 2021. You will also see many custom run products available exclusively through specific MTH authorized dealers. Our new location offers no room for inventory of trains, so all new items announced for 2021 and beyond will be built to order. We encourage customers to contact their MTH authorized dealer early in the promotional process to get any desired item(s) on order.

Items shipped after May 31, 2021 will carry a one year warranty to the Dealers who purchase the item from the date of dealer shipment receipt. Any defective items should be returned to the dealer where purchased. If the dealer has trained service techs, they can offer to repair the locomotive (MTH will supply warranty parts as needed or if parts are needed are not available a refund will be given to the dealer). MTH will not have trained service techs at our new location and will not be able to provide service on the new products. If an item is defective and cannot be repaired, it needs to be returned to MTH from the original purchasing dealer for credit, MTH will credit the original dealer who purchased the item and the end-user can obtain a refund from the retailer. Customers may wish to ask for their item to be tested by the dealer prior to either taking it home or prior to shipment in a mail-order purchase.

Per Mike Wolf's retirement announcement letter sent June 9 of last year outlining the service policy for the prior year sales, that policy still stands. Items can be repaired by MTH's Service Center Network and the new parts business will provide needed parts to the service centers. The new warranty terms outlined above do not apply to products shipped prior to May 31, 2021.

MTH wishes to again thank all of our loyal customers for your support over the last 40 years, and especially over these last twelve months. We also hope that you will continue to support and enjoy the new offerings from MTH in the future.